Hi, I’m Richard, an interdisciplinary artist born in Leeds, UK. I went from Leeds City College to the University of Lincoln where I studied Media Production. Through this period I was introduced to a wide range of creative mediums including art, graphic design, photography, audio production and film. Following my graduation, I started branching out my creative output, exploring photography and print, which led to an exhibition of my photography work at Leeds Art Gallery (2012). In early 2019 I created We Are Not Cool, an audio project releasing ambient soundscapes. Following this, I began to explore digital art, merging my love of minimalism and graphic design with abstract art. This led to the creation of Bilnd, a moniker which I now operate under as a digital artist. In early 2020 I started committing pieces to the Blockchain, selling pieces as NFTs on Ethereum, Solana and Tezos.




Events & Talks

  • The Richard Chappelow Show (Right Aligned)
  • Becoming A Successful Digital Artist (Daisie)
  • NFT Masterclass (Creative UK)
  • New Arrivals (Foundation)