Richard Chappelow is an interdisciplinary artist born in Leeds, UK. Following a Media Production degree at the University of Lincoln he embarked on a career in graphic design. Although he has no formal art training, Chappelow began branching out his creative output, initially exploring photography and print, which led to one of his photographic works being included in the Leeds Open Exhibition (2009), Leeds Art Gallery.

In early 2019 he created We Are Not Cool, an audio project creating and releasing ambient soundscapes. Then, in early 2021, intrigued by emerging NFT technology, he began to explore digital art, merging his love of minimalism and graphic design with abstract art. This led to the creation of Bilnd, a moniker which he now operates under as a digital artist.

Over time, and with the introduction of an iPad Pro into his artistic toolkit, Chappelow’s graphic works began to morph into abstract paintings. Ongoing exploration has led to the introduction of traditional physical painting into his practice, alongside digital works that include painting, audio, video, and graphic pieces.

Reflecting on the intent behind his process, Chappelow says “I tend to work fast. When painting, digitally, or physically, I want to remove as much conscious decision-making from the process. My job is to translate feelings and experiences onto the canvas using colour and form. Working quickly helps me get out of my own way and paint intuitively.”

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